Wendy Chan

Wendy Chan is a Brockley-based abstract artist and botanical illustrator with a special fondness for the nature. Her art brand “Wenderific” was started in late 2019 after rediscovering her passion in art after a decade of corporate life. She draws inspirations from her daily visit to the local parks and adventures in the British countryside. Her painting style is contemporary, whimsical and dynamic. Flowers are especially her favourite subject as it gives her a lot of joy; the myriad of colours and shapes never stop fascinating her. 

In this exhibition she has showcased her recent acrylic and watercolour paintings on the botanical side of park life, as she wanted to highlight the beauty of flowers in various forms.    

For more information and regular updates of Wendy’s paintings, please visit www.wenderific.com or www.instagram.com/wenderific. All the works are for sale at the Art Show. If still available after 1 August please contact her at wenderific@outlook.com for purchase enquiries. Also available in giclee art prints of various sizes.

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