Paul Stringfellow

Painting for me is feeling a connection and a sharing with others. Many of my paintings are of places that I have explored along with my family, returned too, become intimately acquainted with and loved over time.

I gain enormous pleasure from exploring and discovering depth and textures cast through light. When out walking I look for qualities that provide a sense of adventure and mystery, maybe an enticing door, hidden path or a distant shaft of light suggesting a tantalising twist in the landscape. I look for views that create an interesting composition with shadows and exaggerated textures and colours.
For me light is all and determines the mood of a picture, whether it is the sun bleached and colour vivid Mediterranean or the quiet English countryside with its outbuildings and fauna that are lit up by morning or the low setting sun. When a scene touches me, almost like a piece of music, I crave to share the empowering feelings with others. I find it an extremely humbling experience sometimes when I come across some scenes. I need to stop, maybe sit down on a nearby bench or grassy bank and just
absorb it and feel a connection to it.
Retirement can be a beautiful thing! I am free to take time, visually explore and take in my surroundings again. I have discovered Art Societies to join that I have personally found a great inspiration that gives me the impetus, confidence and opportunity to be able to share my drive for connecting through art with others.
For the Beckenham Place Park exhibition this year I have included three paintings of scenes that struck me as I revisited my local park that I have grown up with: The classic small red trees on the “first hole” slope leading up to the back of the Mansion that turn red with in season. The lightening tree stubs following the devastating storm and a particular wooded area that I love where vapour rises from the sodden earth when the warm sun pieces through.
Come join me and take time to discover, enjoy and share your surroundings with others.


07732 408 554.

Hand delivery within a 10 mile radius from Bromley. Beyond 10 miles delivery by Hermes.

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