Jenny Phillips

Please email if you would like to purchase either painting, which will be delivered within a 10 mile radius of Beckenham.
Jenny is an experienced artist in Bromley. She has had a number of solo exhibitions in the U.K. and has sold internationally. She bases her oil paintings on local landscapes and places she has visited in Europe.  Her passion is the wonder of the Renaissance and the work of the Impressionists. Her greatest influence had been the light and colour depicted in the painting sof Henri Matisse and his involvements with textiles. Her aims are to delight the viewer of her work.  

5 thoughts on “Jenny Phillips

  1. Jenny I love Impressionist painters, and I like your both of your paintings. How much are they please.


  2. The first painting of the pathway is £450 and the second of the green lake is £250.

    Sorry for my delay in response, but I was in Suffolk without signal.


  3. Jeannette, I am delighted that you like my paintings, please call me on 07775 881834 to discuss. The first painting is £450 and the second is £250. Best wishes, Jenny Phillips


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