Galina Stefanova

I am an artist, based in South East London, and a member of Bromley Art Society. I have taken part in local and international exhibitions, and my artwork is owned by private collectors in the UK and Europe. My paintings are inspired by nature of the everyday life that surrounds us. There is an element of realism in them, with a twist of Galina’s inside world. Most of my ideas for landscapes come from beautiful parks and gardens in London. Places are important; they are often connected to precious memories of lovely time, spent with beloved people. Sometimes however, just a crooked tree, a piece of rock or a particular nuance of colour on the grass under the sunlight can awake powerful memories. My preferred medium is oil on canvas. I work in semi-transparent layers in an attempt to enrich and deepen the colour.

 Visit my website at to see more examples of my work.

For personal enquiries, you can contact me at:  Or:  07525052966

Commissions are available.

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