Anita Nin

I’m Anita Nin, a printmaker from the studio of Mauricio Lasansky. Today there are five prints on display at Beckenham Place Park. The first depicts a game, Tennis in the park on an autumn day. A volley of serves rushes towards the viewer, the texture of the netting, the fence, the balls are vivid in that split-second. This is an experimental intaglio print, etched by acid on a metal plate and inked on a press. A young science buff re-imagined the image as “There are planets beyond our reach”

The second print – from the same park – depicts a heron, in light rainfall. This is not an intaglio print from a metal plate, but a collagraph, a technique of building up a raised surface firm enough to put through a press and emboss on paper.

Finally, are two from a series of Japanese woodblock prints, to capture the spirit of living things, not necessarily resembling the physical form. Included are Fireflies in Starlight; the viewer is astounded by fireflies among the long grasses and overgrown hedges, where stars reflect the firefly glow.  The Journey, Winter shows a lone creature among grasses and hedges following the scent of his herd, as the first frost falls.  
Finally, Lets Be Friends, is the cross-breed of a love affair between printmaking and painting. This is an experimental technique; I constructed a base by layering coloured papers. Using wood-carving tools I sliced through the layers to reveal colour and texture. Lets Be Friends shows creatures meeting nose to nose, with tails up, ready for a strike attack, or nose to nose, for a friendly pairing. The spirit of the encounter is depicted rather than a realistic physical form of creatures.

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